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Contact Centre Team Leader Job Description

Often the importance of developing a really good job description for the Team Leader role is an afterthought for many small to medium-sized organisations, which can make recruiting the best candidates challenging, risky and troublesome.

While for many large or enterprise-sized organisations job descriptions written by the Human Resources and/or Legal Departments can tend to focus much more of the legal safeguards to protect the organisation, rather than getting the best candidate for your Team Leader role.

When you create a contact centre Team Leader job description (or any job description for any other role) you need to find the right balance in outlining the role and responsibilities of the position without giving someone the feeling they need to get legal advice before applying for the job!

You need to remember that not only are you looking for the best candidate for you, but job hunters are also looking for the best fit for themselves too.

With this in mind, you want your job description to be seen as part of the advertisement to help prospective candidates get a good feel for your company, and an understanding if they are a good fit for your company.

So, don’t be afraid of creating a more detailed job description that clearly describes the roles and responsibilities of the role to attract and recruit the most highly qualified candidates that would love to work with your company.

You also want to ensure that job expectations are established and met later on when you hire the right candidate. So, a clear understanding of what the requirements of the position are also builds the framework for new Team Leaders to work more efficiently and effectively.

It also establishes the parameters of evaluating performance and supports greater accountability when it comes to performance reviews.

The vaguer or loosely a job description is written, the more likely it can be open to interpretation, which can cause unnecessary and/or costly interactions – specifically if you need to address poor performance or termination issues.

Well written job descriptions establish a solid set of expectations that prospective employees understand are required of them, and on how their performance will be measured.

This alone is why getting sign off from the Human Resources and Legal teams is critical.

And although in most jurisdictions job descriptions aren’t legally binding unlike an employment contract, they can still be really helpful in protecting the company if any litigation arises!

Not to mention, establishing an employee’s status with respect to any applicable laws regarding their employment status (permanent, contracted, casual or part time) and associated wages and entitlements.



Areas to include in your Job Description

You need to accurately outline the duties and responsibilities of the position and at the start specify:

  • Job Title
  • Reporting Lines – direct and indirect
  • Role’s Purpose – explain the importance of the position and its value to the organisation
  • Duties and Responsibilities – accurately explain the general and specific responsibilities
  • List the main KPIs that will be required to be met
  • Required Qualifications – identify particular skills or abilities that are necessary
  • Preferred Qualifications – good to have but not critical
  • Working conditions – outline specific operating hours and environment

KPI’s for Contact Centre Team Leaders

Setting the right KPIs for your contact centre Team Leaders is, of course, a critical part of the Job Description but working out the right KPIs can be a little tricky.

The good news is we’ve already got an article you can read that provides guidance on how to set the right KPI’s for Contact Centre Team Leaders >

Team Leader Job Description Example

Team Leader Job Description, Duty Statement, KPI’s & Procedures

<Your Company Name> requires its Team Leaders to have and demonstrate the following attributes that meet with the company’s direction, core values, and expectations of fulfilling this role:

  1. They will be required to demonstrate by their actions they are a person of integrity and have strength in character.
  2. They must be able to demonstrate leadership of character that enables others to follow.
  3. They must be able to demonstrate that their professional and personal ethics are without question to earn the respect of their team and work associates.
  4. They will be expected to have and demonstrate emotional intelligence in their leadership style when dealing with others and their concerns.
  5. They will be expected to have and demonstrate a commitment to their role, the company and its’ employees that is reflective in the way they are able to inspire and attract people.
  6. They will be expected to have and demonstrate excellent communication and listening skills that are essential to effective leadership to share knowledge and ideas with a sense of enthusiasm.
  7. They will be expected to have or rapidly acquire the competence to inspire others, follow through with excellence, keep improving and accomplish goals and objectives.
  8. They will be required to use their initiative and possess a positive attitude to problem-solving that shows responsibility in line with the Company vision.
  9. They will be required to have the ability to perform multi-tasks and to possess forward-thinking for planning and provide administrative support to help meet the vision of the Company.



As a Team Leader you will also be expected to either possess or develop the following skills:

  • A minimum of <X>years as a Team Leader or similar role that meets evidence of proven capacity to meet all daily expectations and quotas for productivity outputs or the ability to rapidly acquire these skills.
  • Proven ability and a demonstrated understanding of performance monitoring and coaching individuals.
  • Assist in the service delivery and administration coordination of activities of the Call Centre with related activities of other departments, as required, to ensure efficiency and economy
  • Be proficient in the use of spreadsheets, word processing packages and database applications is ideal.

There is a minimum probation period of three months of probation, and at the end of this period a performance review will be conducted to assess the ongoing development, extension of probation period and continuity of filling the position.

The Team Leader will be offered the following support during their first three months probation:

  • Coaching or Training as determined by the Call Centre Manager or nominated delegate
  • Weekly briefing with the Call Centre Manager or nominated delegate

The Team Leader will be paid a remuneration of <outline pay plan and include any bonus/commissions structure>.

Download the complete template

You can download the complete Call Centre Team Leader Job Description that includes responsibilities, specific duties etc below.

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Call Centre Team Leader Job Description

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