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Data is the new gold and how businesses, and in particular call centres, are using that data to deliver an improved customer experience is fast emerging field.

To ensure you can stay across the latest information on call centre data & analytics we’ve collated all our articles into one location so you can quickly digest the latest news on topics like speech analytics, data analytics,  big data, business intelligence, data mining and more.

March 15, 2018
Delecon launches speech analytics platform

Delacon launches speech analytics platform

Using an artificial intelligence engine to transcribe and analyse all calls, Australian owned and operated global provider of call analytics, Delacon, has developed the specialist module to provide a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and sentiment once they move from the online to offline world.
March 8, 2018
Call Journey announce Genesys partnership

Call Journey announce Genesys partnership

Call Journey announce Genesys partnership Australian grown Call Journey and Genesys partner up to transform customer experience with conversation analytics.   9 Feb 2018 A new partnership between Call Journey and Genesys is set to revolutionise […]
October 13, 2016
The benefits of SPEECH ANALYTICS for your entire organisation

How speech analytics benefits your entire organisation

The power of Speech Analytics can benefit an organisation in more areas than just the call centre. We explore the benefits different areas within an organisation can expect from speech analytics technology.
September 5, 2016
Using BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE to improve call centre agent productivity

4 Ways using Business Intelligence improves call centre agent productivity

Making sense of all the available data in a call centre provides huge opportunities for businesses so we share 4 examples how using Business Intelligence improves call centre agent productivity.
March 22, 2016
How DATA SCIENCE can improve your sales conversions

How data science can improve your call centre sales conversions

You've heard of big data but find out why blending data science with call centres, especially in sales, will provide huge opportunities to increase sales conversions and improve service in your call centre.
August 7, 2015
What happens to OLD CALL RECORDINGS?

What happens to call recording legacy data with credit card details?

With millions of calls recording for 'quality purposes' have you ever wondered what happens to the call recording legacy data, especially when it may have contained credit card information provided during the phone call?
December 4, 2014
3 essential features for a SPEECH ANALYTICS PLATFORM

3 Features your Speech Analytics platform must have

If you are in the market for speech analytics in your contact centre we reveal the 3 features your Speech Analytics platform should have.
August 27, 2014

DHS is utilising big data to improve customer service

On a quest to improve its customer service, DHS is utilising big data to improve customer service and with operating 27 call centres across Australia with millions of transactions, every second they can shave off a call has a huge impact.
March 19, 2014

Australian start-up Local Measure goes global

Australian start-up Local Measure goes global planning to take their social media monitoring tool to the US and Singapore.