The Complete Guide to Call Centre Outsourcing

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If you are considering to outsource some, or all of your call centre functions then there are a lot of elements you need to consider. Even for someone with years of call centre experience, the process of outsourcing can quickly become overwhelming!

Written by call centre industry veteran Justin Tippett, this comprehensive yet easy to read guide to call centre outsourcing will provide you with an insight into the different nuances with 16 chapters covering everything from what functions can be outsourced, commercial models, staff management, quality assurance and more.

The guide to call centre outsourcing will empower you to make informed decisions on what to look for when trying to find a call centre outsourcer, common risks, popular metrics, reporting expectations through to things that often get missed in outsourcing contracts.

Our Guide to Call Centre Outsourcing is completely agnostic (not sponsored or written by a call centre outsourcing business) so the information is not trying to sell you anything, its designed to educate you on call centre outsourcing to give you the best chance of a successful outsourcing experience.

Download the complete call centre outsourcing guide