The right way to do gamification at work

How to be Successful with Gamification at Work

In this episode of the CX Hustle Podcast, host Justin Tippett sits down with gamification and contact centre expert Luke Jamieson.

Luke has a long history with contact centres and is a multiple winner of the Auscontact Association Contact Centre Manager of the Year and has been a long term champion of using gamification at work.

Moving full-time into the consulting space specialising in gamification through this business PLAYFULLi, it was a great opportunity to sit down with Luke and pick his brain on all things gamification.

According to the latest industry survey, only 11.27% of Australian contact centres are currently using gamification.

With gamification platforms becoming more accessible and affordable than ever before, I expect that figure to increase substantially in the coming years so this podcast includes lots of tips and insights you need to consider.

Topics covered in the podcast include:

  • How Gamification has evolved in the workplace
  • The core ingredients required for success
  • What demographics and profiles gamification suits best
  • The challenges on linking KPIs to gamification
  • The numbers – the benefits of implementing gamification at work
  • The best rewards to use with gamification
  • What to look for in a gamification platform
  • Who should be responsible for implementing and managing gamification at work

With contact centres focussing more on the employee experience (EX), gamification provides a great framework that can help improve engagement levels and productivity.

And who wouldn’t want that?

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5 Benefits of using gamification at work:

1. Improves productivity

One of the key benefits of gamification in the workplace is linking rewards to performance-based metrics.

But despite popular belief, gamification is not always linked directly to hard metrics. It can be used to encourage and reward the right cultural behaviours at work

2. Increases engagement

Gamification done correctly enables you to engage employees with different personality types and motivation levels ensuring each person has their own unique journey that is right for them.

Of course, employees who are more engaged are more productive, have lower sick level and are less likely to leave your organisation.

3. Improved communications

Modern gamification platforms encourage communication between individuals, teams and departments leading to improve communication across your workplace.

4. Develops skills

Another benefit of using gamification at work is to link it directly to improving skills.

This encourages employees to learn more (e.g. complete a learning module) to obtain a reward.

5. Improves the Customer Experience 

An outcome of all the above benefits is ultimately why gamification at work is so important – to improve the customer experience.

Happier, engaged employees who understand more about your products and services are more likely to deliver a great customer experience and that’s good for business!

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