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Its hard to believe that it was back in 2011 that CX Central was originally founded. Way back then we were known as Ac3TV – short for Australian Contact Centre Community TV.

Originally it was just videos that focussed on what was happening in the local call centre industry as well as interviews with the movers and shakers of the day.

We had a heap of fun making all the videos and whilst we have evolved into the CX Central you see today, we are incredibly proud of our heritage along with all the people that were part of our evolution.

This page is to share all our current videos and all our legacy videos. Whilst some date back over 7 years ago, it’s amazing how some things just never change… Enjoy 🙂

Current Videos

Most of our current videos are on our YouTube channel that can be viewed here.

Our Old Video

On The Floor Series

We take the cameras on the floor to the engine room of the call centre speaking to staff to get the inside word on what its really like working in a call centre.

On the Floor Ep1

On the Floor Ep2

On the Floor Ep3

On the Floor Ep4


We interviewed some of the top leaders in the Australian Contact Centre industry.

Gerry O'Shaughnessy

David Jaffe

Jane King

Paul Van Veenendaal

Linda Simonsen

Greg Tanna


A collection of some of our umm, funny? videos… Got to say I really miss those Genesys G-Force conferences! The legendary Victor Chang also has the honour of being the first, and only, person interviewed for our Off the Hook series.

G-Force Highlights 2011

Off the Hook Ep 1


Some of our videos exploring how people got started in the contact centre careers.

It can happen to you - Ep 1

It can happen to you Ep 2

It can happen to you Ep 3


Some of the Highlights from Auscontact / ATA / CCMA Events and people.

ATA Conference 2011 Day 1

ATA Conference 2011 Day 2

ATA 2011 Awards night

The ATA & CCMA Merger Announcement

Introducing Fiona Keough

CallDesign Workforce Optimisation Week 2015

If workforce optimisation was your thing then there was always one event that you looked forward to every year to learn, network and party!  We had the privilege of getting an all access pass into the very popular Workforce Optimisation Week hosted by CallDesign in 2015.

WOW 2015 Highlights Package

WOW 2015 Gala Evening Highlights

Vicki Herrell Interview - SWPP

Bill Durr Interview - WFM Evangelist

Nick Curyer Interview - EG Solutions PLC

Mike Bourke Interview - Aspect Software

Julie Ann Hazlett Interview - Call Design

Call Design Workforce Optimisation Week 2013

Some of the key videos from Workforce Optimisation Week 2013. Who said Workforce Management people are boring???

Highlights package

Miles Stanton

Elizabeth Gooch

Gala Night Highlights

David Grant, NAB

Lee Alexander, Aspect Software

WOW - 2013 Launch Party

QLD WFM Finalist