Where is the call centre

Discover which country the support is conducted from for Australian businesses

Ever wanted to know what country a business has the call centre located in?

Well now you can! Launching soon, our free service will enable you to search by business name or by industry type enabling you to discover the location of the call centre (by country).

Why does it matter where the call centre is?

No business sends their call centre overseas to improve the customer experience, they do it because its a lot cheaper than running a call centre in Australia. And that normally means the level of service is not quite the same for you.

Whats the difference between an Australian call centre and an overseas one?

All call centre agents work hard, no matter which country the work in! When you are speaking to an Australian based call centre though:you speak the same native language (English), there is no accent so they are easy to understand and of course culturally you are the same so you can have a joke about the local sporting teams, the weather or even speak some good old fashioned slang and they will know what you mean! In short it normally results in a less frustrating experience for you.

We also find that many overseas call centre agents have very restrictive scripts and often don’t have the same system access as onshore agents which again can lead to a more frustrating experience.

Does it really matter? As long as the call centre agent can help me that’s all I really care about.

We couldn’t agree more! Our website is simply giving people the choice to decide. If companies are using an overseas call centre it can be around 70% cheaper than an Australian one. If those savings are passed onto you and you don’t mind speaking to an offshore call centre then great, everyone is happy!

Having an offshore call centre can also enable businesses to hire more staff or operate extended hours that they otherwise couldn’t afford to do in Australia. Again its all about choice – we are just given you the power of information.

You can read a bit more about our views on the debate in our article ‘Does a call centre country location really matter‘.

Want to know more about Where is the Call Centre?

Our new website will enable consumers to search by business name and/or industry type to discover the location of the businesses call centre.

Looking for a new supplier and want to know the location of the call centres before your join? No problems! Search by popular industry categories including Energy, Insurance, Financial, Telecommunications, Travel, Health and more! Then just filter by country – couldn’t be easier!

When is it expected to commence?

At this stage we are looking to launch the site in late 2018. Keep checking this page or our Facebook Page and when we have further information well post it here.

Currently we have mapped over 250 businesses so are well on our way.

Got more questions?

Just contact us and we’ll happily answer any further questions you may have.