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  • Sydney call centre outsourcer Peakbound closesSydney call centre outsourcer closes
    Sad news with Sydney based call centre outsourcer Peakbound closing its doors suffering collateral damage as part of the Royal Commission into the Financial Services industry.
  • Auscontact 2018 Western Australia award winners2018 Auscontact award winners in Western Australia
    The winners of the 2018 Auscontact award winners in Western Australia have been announced by the Auscontact Association - congrats to all winners!
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  • 10 LEADERSHIP TIPS that will make you a better leader10 leadership tips that will make you a better leader
    No matter what your background is or what your experience is in leadership, these 10 leadership tips are guaranteed to make you a better leader. With call centres in particular providing lots of career opportunities and people management a core requirement, nurturing great leaders is critical for long term success.
  • 11 Simple things the BEST CALL CENTRES DO11 Simple things the best call centres do to engage their staff
    With call centre staff retention always a big issue, we share 11 things the best call centres do that will help keep your staff engaged and result in higher retention, less turnover and less sick leave.
  • How to manage angry customersHow to manage angry customers
    When you work in a call centre or customer service the chances are you will have to manage angry customers on occasions. Thankfully we've got some proven methods that work over the phone or in person that you can follow along with some expert tips that will put you back in control and improve customer satisfaction.

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