July 19, 2024

Australian Contact Centre Industry Resources

We've moved!

Introducing the Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association (ACXPA)

For over 11 years CX Central has been the go-to resource for contact centre and customer experience (CX) professionals searching for quality articles and resources.

Running off a shoestring budget and a volunteer team, we published hundreds of articles, a glossary, a podcast and the odd video that were all designed to educate and inform, not meet any sponsors obligations.

In 2022, over a million people enjoyed our free content as we filled a void for people trying to learn more about our industry and gain some tips on how they could progress their career.

Despite our best efforts, contact centres still don't get the recognition they deserve, so rather than just sit back and continue to leave it to others to change it, several key industry leaders decided to do something about and launch a new industry association!

ACXPA helps Australian businesses deliver efficient and effective customer experiences via phone, digital and in-person channels by empowering their employees with the skills, industry insights and professional support networks they need to succeed.

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