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  • The false economy of CUSTOMER RETENTIONThe false economy of Customer Retention
    Customer Retention is a tactic widely used by companies across the global but is it just a false economy that creates disloyalty with customers? We explore one example and leave you with some suggestions on how customer retention should be managed.
  • Why Australian call centre jobs are GOING OFFSHOREWhy Australian call centres are going offshore
    Being greeted by someone in an offshore call centre is becoming increasingly common so we explore why Australian call centres are going offshore. And with nine out of ten customers preferring a local call centre is it a risky move for any business?
  • 11 Simple things the BEST CALL CENTRES DO11 Simple things the best call centres do to engage their staff
    With call centre staff retention always a big issue, we share 11 things the best call centres do that will help keep your staff engaged and result in higher retention, less turnover and less sick leave.