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  • how to improve complaints handlingHow to improve complaints handling in your call centre
    We've got 19 tips on how to improve complaints handling in your contact centre/call centre through different organisational lenses that will transform your complaints handling processes and improve the customer experience.
  • The 15 best things about working in a call centreThe 15 best things about working in a call centre
    Sure its not for everyone but we think working in a call centre gets a bad wrap so we reveal the 15 best things about working in a call centre!
  • How to manage angry customersHow to manage angry customers
    When you work in a call centre or customer service the chances are you will have to manage angry customers on occasions. Thankfully we've got some proven methods that work over the phone or in person that you can follow along with some expert tips that will put you back in control and improve customer satisfaction.

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