6 Tips for starting a new contact centre job 2019
Call Centre Career Tips

6 Tips when starting a new call centre job

Starting a new call centre job can be a daunting experience so we’ve got six tips that will help ensure you survive and thrive! So whether its a job in customer service, sales, support or handling the social media account these tips will help you right from day one.

The secrets recruiters don't tell you when applying for a new job
Call Centre Career Tips

Recruitment Secrets you don’t get told

The secrets the recruiters don’t tell you before you apply for a job can make or break your application – find out what they are to improve your chances.

Business Mentoring Tips
Call Centre Career Tips

Business mentoring tips

There are a lot of benefits in being a business mentor, both for the mentor and mentee. We share some business mentoring tips to benefit both parties.

Call Centre Career Tips

The accidental call centre career

Millions of people have started their working careers in a call centre and this article is a great reminder of the awesome opportunities a call centre career can provide.

How to be Comfortably Awkward for career success
Call Centre Career Tips

Be comfortably awkward for career success

Fear is one of the biggest inhibitors of personal growth – get some tips on being comfortably awkward and stepping outside of your comfort zone for success.