how to drive cx values and culture in your business
CX Leadership

How to drive CX Values & Culture

Learn how to drive CX Values and culture across your business as Daniel Ord shares the lessons he learnt from running over 60 workshops for one client.

The secret to quality leadership in call centres
CX Leadership

The secret to quality leadership for your contact centre leaders

There is no doubt that quality leadership is the key to a successful call centre and the Team Leader role plays a critical role in delvering leadership to your frontline staff. Ensuring your frontline managers deliver quality leadership however sometimes requires some outside thinking.

5 step guide to providing feedback
CX Leadership

Quick 5 step guide to providing feedback

We share a quick 5 step guide to providing feedback in the workplace that can help you be a better leader and ensure you approach changing behaviours in the right manner.

The value of laughter in leadership
CX Leadership

The value of laughter in leadership

Running a business is a huge responsibility but there is a reason why workplace success is dependent on the big boss having a laugh or two. This article reveals how using humour as part of your leadership tool kit is highly effective.

Business Mentoring Tips
Call Centre career

Business mentoring tips

There are a lot of benefits in being a business mentor, both for the mentor and mentee. We share some business mentoring tips to benefit both parties.

Power of contact centre operations managers
CX Leadership

Why Operations Managers need to step it up

The Hidden Power of Operations Managers Last year I wrote about the need for CX leaders to be creative in their strategy in order to stay ahead of the competition. As emerging CX players like Warby Parker in the US