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CX Central is an initiative that was started by Justin Tippett, a veteran of the Australian Contact Centre industry, who first launched the website back in 2011 and he still manages the majority of the website.

Justin’s goal was to provide useful resources for people looking to learn more about the contact centre industry, get inspired and share learnings without all the marketing spin. The sad reality was and still is, that the majority of content produced is ultimately marketing material designed to promote a particular product or service.

Unfortunately, there is no commercial value in spending hours writing glossaries, maintaining an industry calendar to make it easy for people to find upcoming events (like conferences, training courses etc), sharing best practice ideas, expert tips, thought leadership articles and so on yet without them, how does our industry continue to grow and prosper?

Whilst that is typically where industry bodies or government would step in, it seems that whether it’s through a lack of resources or funding, strategic direction and so on as an industry, there has been little progress in the past 20 odd years.

There has also been a lack of advocacy around our industry highlighting the important role contact centres, BPOs and customer experience practitioners play to the broader business community – we should all be proud of what we do and how we can make a difference to businesses. No point just promoting ourselves to those already working in the industry, we need to step outside of our bubble.

So whilst our website has continued to evolve, we’ve been doing our best to continually produce and share great content on a shoestring budget by providing great resources like our Glossary, Erlang C Calculators, sharing whitepapers and so on and we’re proud that we now have the largest audience in Australia of CX, BPO and Contact Centre professionals who enjoy our content without getting spammed in the process.

CX Central was, and still is, independent and vendor-agnostic with all our content and resources not bound by the constraints of memberships or various rules and committees etc.

As we don’t charge a membership fee and there is a huge amount of work in running and maintaining CX Central, we rely on paying advertisers and a network of contributors who are also aligned to our values in helping to progress our industry.

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CX Central Objectives

  • To provide high-quality information to Customer Experience, BPO and Contact Centre professionals that help educate, inspire and challenge excellence.
  • To provide easy access to a range of information and tools that make it easier for businesses to deliver a great customer experience.
  • To actively champion the Customer Experience, BPO and Contact Centre Industry in Australia and abroad.

Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities

For over 9 years we’ve been supporting the Australian customer experience and contact centre community and we can now proudly boast the largest audience and most visited website in Australia for Customer Experience, BPO & Contact Centre professionals in Australia.

This makes us the ideal platform to help you increase the exposure of your business and we offer a range of competitive Advertising Options and  Event Promotions across the CX Central website as well as our new CX Directory that lists hundreds of businesses with prices starting from just $47 per year.

Our belief is that by providing quality content and respecting our audience by not constantly spamming them with vendor content we will continue to grow our audience so if you are a vendor that is looking to increase exposure and generate leads and are aligned to our values, we’d love to talk.

Google Positions

When people are searching for solutions for contact centre, customer experience, technology and so on they will invariably end up on Google. So where your website page ranks on Google is not only important, it is also a key source of traffic – traffic that is specifically looking for a solution.

As you can see below, we have been focussing on our Search Engine Optimisation strategy for a number of years and this results in a lot of our traffic coming from Google.

Source: SEM Rush August 2020 


When you are advertising, the more high-quality traffic the more opportunities there are! Whilst COVID has seen a small trend down the past couple of months, CX Central receives substantially more traffic than all the other websites combined.


CX Central Traffic Aug 2020
Source: SEM Rush Website Traffic Trends August 2020

CX Group Australia websites

As well as CX Central, we have evolved to provide a range of other services to support individuals and businesses with contact centre and customer service related products and services. These include:

CX Directory – Our new service that lists hundreds of suppliers of call centre and customer experience related products and services with easy to use search filters.

CX Skills that provides specialist training workshops and courses for Customer Experience and Contact Centres from frontline agents through to high-performance contact centre management.

CX Consult provides consulting services specifically for contact centres helping them with everything from strategy, health checks, performance optimisation, structure and design, technology optimisation and more.

CX Connect – A free B2B platform that helps businesses find suppliers for Customer Experience related services like call centre outsourcers & BPO’s, Technology Suppliers, Virtual Assistants, Consultants and more.

CX Central History

Like many great ideas, CX Central started as a concept over a few drinks (OK a lot of drinks!) about how we could try and change the perception of call centre work which at the time, was certainly not seen even remotely as a viable career choice.

Starting with Ac3TV (Australian Contact Centre Community TV) our initial focus was on video content and then over time that morphed into articles and industry news on our Contact Centre Central website.

In what was a side-hustle project in the beginning, in 2016 it became a full-time venture and in 2018, our branding moved to CX Central as our focus shifted to more than just the contact centre.

Our new and improved CX Central website went live in January 2019 and our new Business Directory launched in July 2019.


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