How and why contact centre agents need to know your ideal customer
CX Leadership Tips

How to identify your ideal customer

Learn why sharing the key criteria of your Ideal Customers with contact centre team members will help improve engagement, customer experience, conversion rates and lower costs.

Tips on how to create a fun call centre
Employee Engagement

How to create a fun call centre

8 expert tips and ideas to create a fun call centre that will boost employee engagement either working remotely or in the contact centre.

Motivational Games you can play in the Contact Centres
Employee Engagement

Motivational Games for Call Centres

These 4 motivational games for call centres will inject some fun and competition into your contact centre to increase engagement and performance.

how to drive cx values and culture in your business
CX Leadership Tips

How to drive CX Values & Culture

Learn how to drive CX Values and culture across your business as Daniel Ord shares the lessons he learnt from running over 60 workshops for one client.