Tips on how to manage angry customers
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How to manage angry customers

If you work in a call centre or customer service these expert tips will help you to manage angry customers and get the conversation back on track.

Crucial sales skills that robots can't replicate (yet)
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Two crucial sales skills

Learn how to future-proof your sales job and take advantage of the two crucial sales skills humans still have the advantage on (for now!).

6 steps to overcome procrastination and improve your productivity
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6 steps to overcome procrastination

These six tips will help you overcome procrastination, improve your productivity and help you make the most out of your work life balance.

Training tips on dealing with difficult customers
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Dealing with difficult customers

We share some great advice and tips on coaching call centre agents with dealing with difficult customers including a great story you can use.

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Tips for planning customer service training

When you are planning customer service training there is lots to consider. These tips written by a customer service trainer will help ensure everything goes to plan and you cover off all the key topics so your staff are empowered to deliver service excellence!

How to handle cold call objections
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How to handle cold call objections

Here are 5 tips on how to handle cold call objections that will help you boost your sales conversions and ensure you are a lot less frustrated!

How to be Comfortably Awkward for career success
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Be comfortably awkward for career success

Fear is one of the biggest inhibitors of personal growth – get some tips on being comfortably awkward and stepping outside of your comfort zone for success.

Why you should stop looking at your screen in the call centre
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Why you should stop looking at your screen

It probably goes against all the advice you’ve ever received about being prepared but if you work in a call centre, there’s a good reason why you should stop looking at your screen all day.

4 Questions to ask before launching live chat
Call centre management tips

4 common questions when launching live chat

We’ve got the 4 of the most common questions (and answers!) when launching live chat into your business helping you to improve the customer experience, lower costs and increase sales.