Infected computer phone scam in Australia
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Infected Computer Scam in Australia

In 2018 alone over $4.4 million has been lost to the Infected computer scam in Australia. We confirm what it is and how you can avoid it.

Triple Zero Heroes who work in the call centre
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Triple Zero Heroes

Every day, over 7,000 Victorians speak to one of the real-life Triple Zero Heroes. We got to take a look behind the scenes working in the ESTA call centre.

How to STOP telemarketing calls to your home and mobile in Australia
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How to stop telemarketing calls in Australia

Like most Australians, I get annoyed by telemarketing calls. But what can be done in Australia to stop telemarketing calls and what are the rules? We reveal the truth from inside the call centre industry.

new phone scam in Australia
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The facts behind the ‘hello can you hear me’ scam

Australian Police have issued a warning about the “hello, can you hear me scam” that is allegedly using the victim’s voice recording to make illegal purchases. We speak to call centre industry experts to find out if it’s actually possible or if it’s a case of fake news.

Australian call centres longest wait times
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Australian call centres longest wait times 

In Channels Nine’s latest bid for a Walkley Award, reporter Nat Wallace’s investigation has revealed Australia’s longest call centre wait times. Its a hard-hitting piece of journalism that leaves no stone unturned in hunting down the worst offenders.

NSW trainlink call centre set to close
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Newcastle call centre to close

NSW Trains announces plans to merge their dedicated Newcastle NSW TrainLink Call Centre with Service NSW resulting in the loss of 71 local call centre jobs.

Centrelink call centre
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The Centrelink call centre

The Centrelink call centre certainly has its fair share of critics with horrendous wait times (if you can get through) but are things about to change in 2019?

Why are Australian call centres moving offshore

Why are Australian call centres moving offshore

Being greeted by someone in an offshore call centre is becoming increasingly common so we explore why Australian call centres are going offshore. And with nine out of ten customers preferring a local call centre is it a risky move for any business?

The Medibank Customer Service overhaul 2019
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Medibank customer service overhaul

In welcome news for their long-suffering customers, the CEO has announced a Medibank customer service overhaul after years of poor service takes its toll.

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Safe steps call centre

We continue to highlight call centres that truly make a difference in our community. In this article we take a look at the Safe Steps call centre.

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Why do Australian call centre jobs go overseas?

With the huge growth in overseas contact centres we explore why thousands of Australian call centre jobs go offshore at the expense of local jobs and an increase in customer frustration.

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iSelect unveils With New Customer Contact Centre

Inside iSelect’s new contact centre Some good news for the local Melbourne contact centre industry with the market leader in online comparison services, iSelect Ltd, announcing the opening this week of its second Melbourne customer contact centre at 246 East