6 call centre secrets agents will never admit to

Call centre secrets agents will never admit

Are you guilty of these call centre secrets?

Working in a contact centre can certainly be challenging on occasions so perhaps you may know someone guilty of a few little call centre secrets they’ve used to help them get through the day?

From annoying customers, colleagues and managers it doesn’t take much sometimes to make sure day take a turn for the worse.

So what do you do when that happens?

The logical answer is to take a break, go for a walk, take a big breath, practice some yoga or squeeze the hell out of a stress ball.

But who can be logical all the time…

We pulled together 6 call centre secrets that call centre agents may be guilty of on the odd occasion.


 6 call centre secrets agents will never admit to: 

1. You’ve purposely hung up on someone and pretended it was an accident

And if you are really good, you’ll do it mid-sentence so it appears like a technical fault… Oh and just in case you were seriously thinking about it, don’t – the system does actually record who disconnects the call đŸ™‚

one of our call centre secrets is 'pretending' to accidently hang up on a customer


2. You’ve left someone on hold for a really really long time hoping they would hang up

I’ve got all the time in the world bitch.

Another one of our call centre secrets is leaving a customer on hold until they hang up!

3. You’ve deliberately given customers wrong information because they were rude to you

Screw the consequences, I’ll teach them for giving me a hard time.

Even Morgan Freeman appears in our call centre secrets list when you don't give a shit about the consequences

4. You project confidence even though you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about

Like seriously, sometimes I literally have no clue whatsoever.

one of the most common call centre agent secrets

5. You’ve put a customer on hold just so you can eat some food

My stomach waits for no one. Especially when I was already halfway through munching on my food when I had to answer the call.


6. You’ve ‘escalated’ a call to your buddy sitting right next to you

Let’s face is as long as the customer thinks they are talking to a ‘manager’ it seems to make them so much happier even though they will be told exactly the same thing!


What other little tricks have you seen your ‘colleagues’ get up to? Let us know in the comments.

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