Benefits of remote contact centre technology 

Benefits of remote contact centre technology & software

Benefits of remote contact centre technology 

The contact centre industry has continued to evolve over the years and the evolution of remote contact centres has been a major challenge for many organisations.

The recent pandemic has shifted the contact centre industry to work remotely practically overnight, demanding businesses to up their customer service game instantly.

Stating the obvious, remote work has become the new reality, presenting huge opportunities for businesses to transform their legacy contact centres into remote contact centres in the contactless world.

And this holds true for sales, service, customer onboarding, and collections across the industries.

To tackle the surge in call volumes and do upsell and cross-sell, it is important to have an agile remote call centre software in place.

Let’s understand why remote contact centre software is every business’s choice now.

5 Benefits of remote contact centre technology 

1. Reduced Cost Pressure

Work from anywhere brings in long term cost reduction opportunities for businesses.

Now, the businesses do not have to invest in infrastructure, estimated to be 20-30% of the cost of contact centre agents.

Transitioning to a remote workforce this cost goes away, with businesses easily saving up to 12.5% just by eliminating the need to set up a physical office.

2. Hiring a Diverse Workforce

Remote contact centre technology is a great enabler in for businesses to hire the best of talents across geographies without any restrictions of the timezones, relocation, travel, etc.

Businesses working for different time zones can access the global talent pool, ensuring that they provide native experience to each customer.

For instance, if your business is based out of India and you also work for the Middle East market, you can hire local folks from ME to have the local flavour of the market, without having them to relocate to India.

3. Scalability

Businesses can scale up and down as per their business needs without worrying about the operational overheads.

In the e-commerce industry, there’s typically a surge in call volumes during the holiday season.

To handle the incoming calls, businesses can scale their remote contact centre operations by hiring new agents for short periods of time enabling them to easily handle the increased call volume.

4. Flexibility to Login from Anywhere

The work from anywhere revolution ensures the contact centre agents can work from anywhere and login from any device to continue with their jobs.

This, in turn, gives job satisfaction, increases agents’ productivity, provides flexibility, and boosts agents’ morale because now the agents do not have to relocate to a different city for their jobs and they can stay at home with their families.

In the middle of a crisis where mankind is more anxious today than ever before, we need to restore the human touch, and enabling your employees to stay close to their families adds to their satisfaction.

5. Addition of Newer Channels

One thing that COVID-19 has made very clear is that the digital is going to be the new normal in the contactless world.

Starting from how your business engages with the customers and how they operate internally, it has reinstated that the addition of digital channels is very important.

As we have mentioned earlier,  customers are very anxious in the current climate and contact centres are playing a pivotal role in helping the agents’ establish a healthy business to consumer relationship.

When a customer waits in the queue for more than 3 minutes to be addressed by the agent, the business can engage with the customer on WhatsApp to help resolve his query.

This ensures the customer gets an answer when all the agents are busy and the chatbot engages with him.

This helps in increasing customer satisfaction and turns your customer into an advocate.


There really are a number of benefits of remote contact centre technology and it presents huge opportunities for the businesses that as well as the being better for their workforce, it includes measurable differences such as an increase in productivity, increased customer satisfaction, etc.

Businesses that are successfully enabling their workforce with the latest information, ensuring frequent communication, and equipping them with the right tools are strongly placed to stay ahead of the pandemic.

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