3 Free Ways to Reward Your Call Centre Team

3 free ways to reward your call centre team

How to Reward Your Call Centre Team

‘Time is Money’ is never truer than in a call centre.

With Annual Leave booked far in advance, rostered break times and an AUX code for using the toilet – every moment is valuable!

Your staff feel this too.

When looking for inexpensive ways to engage or reward your call centre team, it’s not as easy as letting them leave earlier on a Friday.

However, your allocated budget for staff rewards may be a little tight.

This isn’t an excuse to be lazy.

Instead – look for new ways to engage and reward your call centre team.

How can you show your team that you appreciate their efforts, keep the company culture thriving and not resort to cheap doughnuts?

Knowing Time is a valued commodity, use this to your advantage!

Give your staff more bang for their most precious resource: TIME.

3 Ideas on how to reward your call centre team:

1. Give them some Power

Allow them to choose their own roster for a month.

This gives an individual or team the freedom to choose how work fits in with THIER life, not the other way around.

This freedom of choosing their own routine puts them in the drivers’ seat.

Do they want an early shift to beat traffic?

A late shift to spend time with kids in the morning?

This reward reminds individuals that work is part of their bigger life and focus on the little things that bring them joy.

2. Teach them New Tricks

Another way you can reward your call centre team is to show your staff how to maximise their time.

Organise a before-work session that shows how to do grocery shopping online.

Lots of staff want to know how to do simple things like this but don’t feel comfortable learning the steps on their own.

Once they’ve been shown the steps and experienced the benefits of either delivery or Click and Collect – they’ll be happy their workplace upskills them with things that positively affect their life.

No more wandering the aisles of Woolworths. Save time!

Buy online and pick up later.

You can also go the extra mile, allow groceries to be delivered at work!

3. Bring the Services to them

What are some of the fun things that your staff enjoy in their time off?

Arrange to have them brought to your workplace!

This will give your team something fun to look forward to and save them time on their days off. For example, organise to have a manicurist set up in a coaching/break room.

Staff can book in their nail appointments in advance for their lunch break.

You’ve just saved them time, given them a little luxury and it cost you NOTHING.

Nailbreak is a great option for this, as staff book online, so you don’t have to do anything.

As customer service and workplace processes change, so must staff engagement and reward tactics.

If you’re looking for your staff to jump on board and try new things, you could lead by example and try new things in your centre.

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