Event Partnerships with CX Central

CX Central offers Event Partnerships to selected event organisers where there is a strong synergy between both brands and where both parties will actively benefit from a partnership.

Our Event Partnerships are typically free (contra) and we have detailed a range of benefits you can expect from CX Central, as well as some ideas on what we seek in return.

With tens of thousands of CX professionals visiting our site monthly, our Event Partnerships are the perfect opportunity to increase awareness of your event and ultimately boost your attendees.

See our Frequently Asked Questions about our Event Partnerships below for more information.

Event Partnerships to help promote your CX Event for free
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What does CX Central offer?

We are open to negotiating the right package for you but typically we can offer the following:

  • Our Premium Events Listing package that includes:
    • Your event is listed in our Events Calendar as a premium listing including logo, promotional text, agenda, special discounts (where applicable) and a link to the event URL.
    • One dedicated EDM to our members advising them of your event (sent to users who have specifically opted in to receive event information updates only)
    • Inclusion in our upcoming events section in one of our newsletters
    • Social Media mentions of the partnership and of your event (up to 3 social posts)
    • Event Blog (write-up of key learnings post-event). We will write the article if we are in attendance otherwise you are welcome to submit your own.  Whilst that doesn’t help with the event promotion for this year, we find people enjoy the write-ups and it helps with warming people up for the next one!
    • Recognition as an Event Partner on our website
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What do we need to offer CX Central?

We typically look to receive the following from our Event Partners:

  • Acknowledgement as an event partner on your website, emails and associated marketing materials including a bio and links to our website. This may be as CX Central or our parent group, CX Group Australia.
  • Social media announcements of our partnership
  • Branding opportunities facilitated by you at the event (e.g. including placing our logo on slides, printed on banners as media partner, mention of partnership by MC etc)
  • Branding opportunities at your event facilitated by us (opportunity to place a pull-up banner, seat drop or provide some product giveaways etc)
  • Media pass to attend the event
  • A mention (and link) back to CX Central in any follow-up emails to event attendees (we may do an event write up that we will publish)
  • Option for attendees to subscribe to our newsletter

Of course, not all items are mandatory and we are happy to configure the right contra agreement that works for both parties.


FAQs about Event Partnerships

Is there any cost with an Event Partnership?

No. Typically our Event Partnerships are contra deals where there is no cost for either party.

What options are available to promote my event if we aren’t an Event Partner?

You can list your event in our Events Calendar for a small fee and we also have advertising packages available.

Contact Us about our Event Partnerships

Please complete the following form and one of our CX Central team will contact you to discuss an Event Partnership arrangement.

  • URL of your event website (if you have one already)