Event Partnerships

CX Central offer Event Partnerships to selected event organisers where there is a strong synergy between both brands and where both parties will actively benefit from a partnership. Our Event Partnerships are free (contra) with benefits for both parties that we have detailed below.

With tens of thousands of CX professionals visiting our site monthly, our Event Partnerships are the perfect opportunity to increase awareness of your event and ultimately boost your attendees.

Let's partner up!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost with an Event Partnership?

No. Typically our Event Partnerships are contra deals where there is no cost for either party.

What does CX Central offer?

We are open to negotiating the right package for you but typically we can offer the following:

  • Your event listed in our Events Calendar (fees waived)
  • Advertising tiles promoting your event on our website
  • One dedicated EDM to our members advising them of your event*
  • Your event rotated through our ‘Featured Event’ section on the events calendar
  • Mention of your event in our newsletter
  • Social Media mention of the partnership and of your event
  • Recognition as an Event Partner on our website

*We only email our subscribers who have opted in to receive Event notifications

How do I get my Event on the Calendar?

When we have reached an agreement we will provide you with a coupon code enabling you to enter your event on our online form free of charge. This ensures we will have all the required information to display your event correctly on our calendar.

Do you offer Event Partnerships for any type of events?

To ensure there is value for our investment, we will typically partner with events where there is expected to be a large audience and where you will also be actively promoting your event (e.g. conferences). That said, we are happy to discuss some options with you.

What do we need to offer CX Central?

We typically look to receive the following from our Event Partners:

  • Acknowledgement as an event partner on your website, emails and associated marketing materials including a bio and links to our website. This may be as CX Central or our parent group, CX Group Australia.
  • Social media announcements of our partnership
  • Branding opportunities facilitated by you at the event (e.g. including our logo on slides, banners)
  • Branding opportunities facilitated by us (pull up banners, product giveaways etc)
  • Media pass to attend the event
  • Option to include a seat drop at your event
  • Acknowledgement by the event MC and a short ‘plug’ for our business
  • A mention (and link) back to CX Central in any follow-up emails to event attendees (we may do an event write up that we will publish)
  • Option for attendees to subscribe to our newsletter

Not all items are mandatory and we are open to negotiation.

What options are available to promote my event if we aren’t an Event Partner?

You can list your event in our Events Calendar for a small fee and we also have advertising packages available.

What images do we need to supply?

In order to promote your event effectively, we require the following images sizes:

  • 300 x 250 advertising tile to promote your event
  • 728 x 90 advertising tile to promote your event
  • 500 x 250 of your logo (appears when people hover over your event on our calendar)
  • 800 x 200 header (appears when people click on your event in our calendar)