Balanced Scorecard

A Balanced Scorecard is a way of displaying performance data that typically consists of a range of different measures that focus on all elements of performance.

In a call centre, Balanced Scorecards can be produced at agent, team and centre level.

Why use a Balanced Scorecard?

The idea is to balance qualitative metrics with quantitive metrics so you get a more holistic view of performance rather than singling out one or two particular metrics.

For example, let’s assume you only had a metric for call centre agents on the number of calls they handle in a shift.

Your best agent handles 150 calls a day and is regularly commended on their outstanding performance.

As a result, all agents are now focussed on handling as many calls as possible because “that’s what management wants us to achieve”.

But what if every call that agent handled was a terrible customer experience?

And what if there was another agent who ‘only’ handled 75 calls a day but every customer loved them?

Which one would you rather?

As we mentioned earlier, a Balanced Scorecard ensures that the focus is on all elements of performance so the focus on the wrong metric doesn’t drive the wrong outcomes in your business.

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