Call Tracking

What is Call Tracking?

Whilst call tracking in a call centre context could refer to being able to track the number of calls etc, call tracking actually refers to using software to determine how customers found and then contacted your business by telephone.

This can be useful when companies are advertising over multiple platforms such as Google Ads, websites, TV commercials, newspaper ads and so on and what to better measure their ROI (Return on Investment) for their marketing spend.

Rather than just have one phone number, call tracking actually provides multiple numbers enabling you to easily identify the source of the call.



Haven’t we been doing this already?

Whilst it is quite easy to set up different numbers for your website, ads campaign etc call tracking takes things to a new level, especially on a website.

In really simple terms, call tracking software could generate a different phone number for each and every visitor.

By using technology such as web voice synchronisation, this enables contact centres and marketing teams to provide a highly customised experience by arming the call centre with real-time information on what pages on the website the customer visited, how many times they have visited, how long they have been on the website and so on.

By knowing this information, the contact centre can then provide a different customer experience through things l like placing a higher priority on that call to be answered, directing the call to the most appropriately skilled operator and so on.


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