Customer Satisfaction

When you’re asked to rate your overall satisfaction with something you’re in the Customer Satisfaction rating system.  There is no industry standard scale for Customer Satisfaction though a 1 – 5 scale is common.

Looking at ‘top box’ ratings is another way of measuring Customer Satisfaction.

The lack of a standardised approach for measuring Customer Satisfaction can make it challenging to interpret.

What does 93% of our Customers are satisfied really mean?

What does 72% of our Customers ticked the top 2 boxes really mean?

And most Customer Satisfaction surveys are written from the point of view of the Organisation – not the Customer – i.e. the list of items to ‘tick’ when you take the survey.

Some Customer Satisfaction surveys ask loyalty questions such as the intention to repurchase, visit again or recommend.

Using mathematical analysis such as regression, organizations try to find correlations between satisfaction and loyalty.

You may also be interested in learning more about a related term, CSAT or customer experience.

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