Intelligent Callback

Unlike Automatic Callback, Intelligent Callback enables the customer to retain their position in the queue even after they have disconnected the call.

This enables the customer to keep going about their business without having to physically stay on hold.

When their place hits the top of the queue, the Intelligent Callback system automatically makes the outbound call and connects the agent to the customer.

Benefits of Intelligent Callback

1. Customers love it

No longer forced to endure the dreaded hold music, customers like the ability to continue on with their day and not have to physically remain connected to a phone while waiting.

2. Reduce Abandonment Rate

Rather than customers just hanging up frustrated they can’t get through, as customers still hold their place in the queue there is less chance you will lose customers simply because they didn’t want to wait as they still get to interact with your business.

3. Agents love it

Because it reduces customer frustration, this, in turn, makes for a happier workplace as customers are less grumpy about having to wait. And a happier workforce is more productive and stays longer.

4. It improves efficiency

What if customers didn’t have to repeatedly call in to just try and get through? And what if agents didn’t have to spend 30 seconds of every call apologising for the delays and thanking the customer for waiting?

You guessed it, improved efficiency!

5. It can actually increase customer loyalty

Research often suggests that trust with an organisation is a big driver of retention.

And by the customer getting the option to hold their position in the queue, and then you actually call them back, reinforces that you can be trusted 🙂

This can lead to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales (in a sales environment).

Are there any downsides to Intelligent CallBack?

Given all the benefits above, it’s hard to find a reason not to install Intelligent Callback technology into your call centre.

But if I had to pick one, customers are calling because they want help at the specific time they called.

Let’s assume someone is calling on their lunch break. While it’s great to offer them the chance to retain their position in the queue, it may be inconvenient for them to take the call if their lunch break is over.

So whilst it’s a great tool to have in place, it doesn’t take away from the responsibility and objective to ensure all calls are answered efficiently and ideally when the customer calls you.

Where can you get Intelligent Callback?

Intelligent CallBack technology is typically a feature of your call centre ACD.

Of course, not all ACDs offer this function and if yours doesn’t, maybe it’s time to move a new solution given the vast amount of cost-effective options available today, especially with cloud-based technology.

You can browse all the technology suppliers in our Business Directory or you can use our free CX Connect Service where we can introduce to perfect-fit suppliers to save you the hassle, time and cost of searching through multiple solutions.

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