Recorded Announcement

A recorded announcement (RAN) is a message that plays whilst a customer is on hold, at the start of, or during a call.

How to use a Recorded Announcement in a call centre

Most contact centres use a recorded announcement to either welcome a customer or at timed intervals with that annoying message “Your call has progressed in the queue and will be answered by the next available agent”.

Again. And again. And again.

Modern ways to use a recorded announcement in a call centre

With so much technology available to call centre managers, there are plenty of ways recorded announcements can be utilised including:

  • Different messages set at different time thresholds (e.g. the message played after 60 seconds on hold is different from the one at 300 seconds).
  • You can customise by queue so depending on which number is called the customer can receive a different greeting.
  • A RAN can be used at Head of Queue position. This is typically used to alert customers of an emerging issue before they are placeed in a queue. An easy example is an energy company that says “If you are calling about a power outage in X suburbs, we are aware of the issue and our crews have been dispatched as a priority. In this instance, most customers will hang up prior to being placed into the queue

Where can you get a recorded announcement to use in the call centre?

With the exception of the emergency example above, most recorded announcements are completed by professional artists and suppliers who specialise in call centre services.

Depending on the size of your business, there may also be some very strict rules on branding where only a particular voice artist is able to be used.

Or if you are a smaller centre, it might be a great opportunity for a budding superstar to be the voice of your brand.

Whichever model you choose, best practice would suggest that you try and keep your recorded announcements consistent and recorded by the same voice-over artist.

Next Steps

  • You can find suppliers to make professional Recorded Accouncements for your call centre, as well as technology suppliers in our Business Directory.

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