Screen Capture

Screen Capture is the ability to record all computer activity/transactions by an agent so you can visually observe their performance.

Whilst most call centres now can record calls, audio only tells half the picture!

In fact, as the saying “a picture tells a thousand words”, being able to ‘see’ what an agent is doing provides incredible insight.

And that’s exactly what Screen Capture does.

Screen Capture enables you to visually observe how the agent interacts with the various systems as well as listen to the call at the same time.

This provides the call centre manager with a full 360 degrees perspective of the agent’s performance enabling them to improve efficiencies and compliance.

Benefits of using Screen Capture in a call centre

There are three main beneficiaries of using screen capture in a call centre:

1. Coaching

  • Identify areas that need further coaching (e.g proficiency with certain applications if you see them struggling)
  • Share best-practice agent recordings with underperforming staff to improve performance
  • Use best-practice agent recordings as part of your training/induction programs

2. Quality Assurance

  • Ensure agents are following the correct processes
  • Ensure agents are using applications consistent with their training
  • Ensure agents are using the available tools

3. Optimisation

  • Identify system errors or bottlenecks
  • Identify improvement opportunities (e.g. reducing the number of clicks required to perform an action)

4. Compliance

  • Ensure agents are not doing any unauthorised activity (e.g. engaging in Social Media while on a customer call or accessing restricted areas)
  • Identify PCI-DSS compliance issues (all credit card details should be masked)

Next steps

If you would like to find suppliers of Screen Capture technology search our Business Directory or use our free CX Connect Service and we’ll provide a shortlist of suitable suppliers saving you time, money and stress!

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