Speech Recognition

Speech recognition powers a range of call centre applications by using technology to understanding the human voice.

The definition of Speech Recognition is the ability for a machine or program to identify spoken words or phrases and then use that information to complete a task.

Speech Recognition in the Call Centre

Speech Recognition technology is already in use in a range of applications with more and more coming to the market promising to improve the customer experience and increase efficiencies.

Some of the current applications of Speech Recognition include:

Speech Analytics

Speech analytics uses Speech Recognition technology to analyse voice recordings (or live customer calls) for quality assurance purposes or to easily identify trends and patterns across millions of call centre calls.

Natural Language IVR

A Natural Language IVR enables the customer to interact with any system or device in a conversational manner without being constrained by responses.

This makes it perfect to place at the start of the call to ask a customer an open question like “how can we help you today” instead of the traditional push one for this, two for that IVR.

Next steps

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