Virtual Assistant

When it comes to Virtual Assistants in a call centre and CX world there are actually two very different definitions.

Virtual Assistant of the robot kind

This is technology at its almost best.

Computers are now so smart that with a bit of work, they can actually automate a lot of the common conversations received via live chat.

Sure there are chatbots, but Virtual Assistants take things to a whole new level.

They can look at the phrases but also understand what specific words mean in a certain context.

They can utilise information from other sources, like a CRM, real-time insights and more.

And when Supported by artificial intelligence (aka a Supervised Learning Chatbot), they understand the meaning of what was said or typed and can LEARN.

Yep, they learn through experience and can adapt their responses and answers.

Freaky stuff. But it’s also real and happening now.

Virtual Assistant of the human kind

Unlike their robot counterparts, these Virtual Assistants have real emotions, can process complex tasks and can be like your new work best friend.

Virtual Assistants (or VA’s for short) can help you with a range of business support functions to make your life easier.

I like to think of them as like the traditional personal assistant except they work remotely.

Need calls answered? Emails managed?

Even some outbound calls or lead generation.

There is a huge range of skills that a VA can offer and with everyone all about their side hustle, you can find some incredibly skilled and experienced individuals now working as a Virtual Assistant.

Next Steps

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