Visual Engagement technology

Visual engagement is the process of supporting customers through the use of video, face-to-face video conferencing, screen sharing, or co-browsing.

Benefits of Visual Engagement technology

Visual Engagement technology can be particularly useful in a technical support call centre as it enables customers to show you the problems they are experiencing leading to quicker resolutions and happier customers.

This could be online (sharing a screen to show a problem) or a physical setting for a diverse range of issues from showing a plumbing issue with a leaking pipe or a TV not working through to medical-related support and more.

Yes, I could have provided numerous examples of inappropriate ways visual engagement could go horribly wrong but I actually think the technology is a big part of the CX/call centre future so I’m just going to keep things all nice and above board.

Challenges with Visual Engagement technology

Of course, one of the challenges with this being a visual medium where you can both potentially see each other (like in a two-way video) is that your call centre agent is now effectively ‘on show’.

Things like body language and facial expressions become important as well as tacking issues about whether call centre agents now have to wear a corporate uniform.

Next steps:

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