Hiring a call centre for the holidays

hiring a call centre for the holidays

As the holidays approach, it’s time for your business to ask the question: is it really the most wonderful time of the year?

From non-profit organisations to online businesses to civic service enterprises, the holidays are usually the most hectic time of the year, that’s for sure!

Increasing customer demand, holiday urgency, Q4 last-minute decisions tied to client sales, and more – if your organisation needs help keeping up with a flood of customer contact requests, it’s time to hire an outsourced call centre.

Here are just a few reasons why the holidays are a great time to hire an outsourced contact centre:

Holiday help – on a personal level

Let’s face it – doesn’t it seem like (almost) everyone is simply more upbeat during the holidays?

Well, your business could certainly benefit from a friendly, professional, personalised element to holiday customer service, courtesy of live agent assistance.

While backend technology is great for staying up to speed with growing requests, nothing beats the reassurance that a real person has your customer’s needs taken care of.

Customer retention

The holidays are the ideal time to foster & promote professional relationships.

During November & December, ramping up your customer retention efforts is a great way to ensure next year’s bottom-line results are even better than this year’s.

If you don’t have a clear path to keeping current clients as long-term assets, it’s time to hire an outsourced call centre that can help.

Promotional assistance

If your business could use a boost in product or service promotion but lacks the outbound communication and marketing resources to win, outsourcing your outbound activities is a win-win for you and your clients.

From lead generation to telesales & upsells to surveys & feedback, having a marketing-friendly platform is the one holiday gift that keeps on giving!

Call back services

The holidays are crazy – that’s why it helps to have those extra reminders and callbacks to keep everything on track.

With an outsourced call centre in your back pocket, this critical (yet often overlooked) customer communication is accounted for – which means optimal results for any holiday-related marketing strategy and much more.

When you hire a call centre for the holidays, all your bases are covered, even while you’re concentrating on other aspects of your enterprise or business.

Corral the marketing ghosts of holidays past, present, and future!

With cutting-edge marketing analytics and research, your business is better prepared to analyse what you did wrong before, what you’re doing right today, and how you can optimise this info for smart, informed business decisions tomorrow.

It all starts with data-driven, need-it-now analytics. When your outsourced call centre also includes this service, it’s like getting a bonus holiday present!

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