6 Team Building Ideas for your Call Centre

team building ideas for your call centre

6 Team building ideas for your call centre team

At Quality Connex, we’re always looking for new team building ideas for your call centre including activities and exercises that are easy to implement.

We know that when teams work together effectively, your contact centre flourishes.

When they don’t, your contact centre struggles to deliver services at the quality you require.

Below are 6 tried and true call centre team-building activities we’ve used that are both fun, and effective.

Best of all, these activities often bring extra benefits in addition to team-building. It’s a real win-win!

6 Team building ideas for your call centre team:

1. Survival Scenarios

Playing the plane crash survival game is one of the leading team building ideas for your call centreOne activity we’ve used both for established teams, and as an assessment during recruitment, is survival scenarios.

To run a survival scenario, tell your team their plane has just crashed into the ocean near a desert island.

There’s room on the lifeboat for everyone, so they don’t need to make any uncomfortable decisions about who dies.

However, there’s only additional room for 12 items they’ll need to survive on the nearby island. Which items will they take?

Your team must decide on this together.

Survival scenarios are a great way to observe how your team members interact with one another and what roles they take.

But from a team-building perspective, they’re also a great way to break the ice with new team members and to help your team bond over their shared experience.

2. Treasure Hunts

Treasure huntA treasure hunt is a fun end-of-year activity, and a great way to get your team outside in the fresh air.

More importantly, a treasure hunt is also an effective team-building exercise for any contact centre team.

Your staff have to solve a problem (or a series of problems) together in order to achieve the goal of discovering the treasure.

To add a competitive edge, you may choose to send more than one team on a treasure hunt at once. After all, teams that compete together, stay together, right?

3. Walking Meetings

team building ideas for your call centre including having walking meetings instead of in a stuffy roomWe’ve borrowed this one from one of the most successful businesses in the world – Huffington Post. And it works. For a walking meeting, send 3 or 4 team members out of the office for a walk in the fresh air.

This doesn’t just promote health and exercise (both of which have been shown to deliver a range of benefits themselves), and of course bonding.

It also promotes creative and collaborative thinking, because ideas often seem to flow more easily when you’re exercising your brain and body!

4.Goal Mapping

Arrows on TargetWhen people share things that are important to them or close to their hearts, they can’t help but bond with one another.

That’s why we recommend Goal Mapping as a great team-building tool.

For Goal Mapping, gather your team, and encourage them to create individual goals for outside the workplace, as well as at work.

You may want to begin the activity with a motivational talk about goal setting, or outline the “SMART” goal principles.

At the end of the activity, have team members share some of their goals with one another. Camaraderie and bonding are almost guaranteed results.

5. Rewards & Recognition

team building ideas for your call centre should always include a reward and recognition programReward and recognition activities can be great not just for rewarding and recognising achievements, but also for building team spirit.

Recently, we put up a world map in our office.

Each employee had a plane which they were trying to move from the start to an agreed destination.

Their planes moved based on the points they collected. Points were distributed for achieving goals such as meeting KPIs, going above and beyond the call of duty, being a contributing member of the team, etc.

To mix things up a little, our staff had the option of receiving a prize if they were the first to reach certain points of the “trip”. However, if they redeemed this prize, they had to go back to the start. The end prize was a trip away.

This was a great activity for engagement (everyone’s engaged when there’s a trip away on the line!), and also team work and fun.

It could easily be adapted as a team-building activity in your contact centre.

6. Nothing wrong with tradition!

Tenpin Bowling team fun Of course, sometimes the best team-building activities are the traditional ones!

There are lots of fun activities you can do with your contact centre team.
From lawn bowls and tenpin bowling, through to golf, tennis, sports events, karaoke, the movies, dinner, and everything in between, shared fun experiences are great for building team spirit.

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