Knosys secures Government Tender

Knosys secures Government Tender

04 March 2022, Melbourne, Australia

Service South Australia and Service Tasmania, both state government agencies, went to the market searching for a cloud-hosted knowledge management solution to improve customer experience (CX) and agent efficiency.

Whilst the procurements were not linked both agencies selected KnowledgeIQ as the most suitable solution to support their high-volume contact and service centers and deliver their respective requirements in 2022.

Service agencies like Service SA and Service Tas, generally act as a single, sometimes whole-of-government point of contact – they interact with citizens and conduct transactions previously delivered by different government agencies.

It’s not realistic for customer agents to remember and be experts in all of these transactions, particularly when they expand the number of agencies and transactions being covered. Accordingly, these agencies need to enable their staff, as best as possible to be able to answer any questions and to be able to transact any type of business.

Customer agents therefore need to have a sophisticated knowledge management solution to answers rapidly or provide an item that assists them on the transactional journey with the customer.

“Knosys’ KnowledgeIQ solution provided the right fit for both agencies by providing a ‘single source of truth’ for agents and frontline personnel with fast and easy access to answers. simplification of complex processes. Ability to test user comprehension with quizzes. Easy to update user feedback capability.The KnowledgeIQ solution assists with information lifecycle management and is designed with structured governance and compliance capabilities out-of-the-box.” said John Thompson Knosys’ Managing Director.

“Obviously the main focus initially will be “back office” usage, by this I mean agents and frontline staff. In the near future however, I predict as we have seen with other customers, the knowledge management solution will be integrated with the agencies digital channels as the next evolution. KnowledgeIQ allows agencies to maintain content and information in a single location and effectively serves out customized information to the agencies’ website or use by its chatbot.”

A Knowledge management solution with omni-channel capabilities is paramount in delivering a digital strategy.

It’s all about enabling customers to self-serve as much as possible. Service NSW as an example has for many years been on this journey but recognizes the human contact via contact centers or walk-in centers is part of the overall equation.

According to research from Gartner, 70% of customers are using a self-service knowledge system at some point in their journey.

Therefore, it has become a necessity for government service centers to depend on a cloud-hosted knowledge management solution to support omni-channel communication.

Knosys are proud to be partnering with both Service SA and Service Tas.

Our KnowledgeIQ solution is simplifying omni-channel knowledge management, to improve the productivity of agents and drive better customer experiences.

All software development, project delivery and support for this solution is operated from Knosys’ Melbourne office, proudly Australian.