300 Qantas call centre jobs at risk

More Qantas call centre jobs are at risk

Tasmanian call centre workers are anxious to know whether their jobs are safe after Qantas confirmed this week that 5,000 jobs will go at the Australian Airline.

There are 300 staff working in at the Glenorchy call centre, located in Tasmania.

“I would like to think that after the hits Tasmania has recently taken, and the savings that the contact centre has recently made, and the work that they’re doing that it might be minimal.

But who knows where Qantas is going to go, or what they’re going to do, because they don’t feel they’re answerable to anyone but them-bloody-selves.

We’ve been inundated with calls… all people are doing is worrying about their futures, we’ve had people in tears we’ve got people very concerned and it’s just, this secretive way they’re doing things is unacceptable.”

Qantas Spokesman Igor Gratton

The news comes at a time when Michael Bailey, the state’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry says “We are at a stage in our economy where we can’t afford any major job losses in the state”.

2019 Update:

Sadly the concern about Qantas call centre jobs are at risk rang true as they have continued to move call centre jobs overseas.

There are now less than 100 call centre agents left in Tasmania servicing mostly platinum frequent flyers.

Qantas general enquiries are now primarily handled in New Zealand, with overflow calls and calls originating from Europe being handled in South Africa.

Live chat enquiries are handled in the Philippines.

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