Silver Top Taxis open call centre in South Africa
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Silver Top Taxis call centre opens in South Africa

A Silver Top Taxis call centre is opening in South Africa at the expense of local call centre jobs in Australia. With the Taxi industry under siege by ride sharing apps, moving some call centre functions offshore will save costs in the short term, but will this strategy hurt in the long term?

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Telstra axe another 326 call centre jobs

Telstra have confirmed plans that they are axing 326 call centre jobs from their Perth and Melbourne centres. A Telstra spokesperson confirmed that the Perth call centre is being completely closed with 94 call centre jobs disappearing and in Melbourne,

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New law aimed to penalise companies offshoring call centres

After losing hundreds of thousands of call centre jobs to offshoring in the past decade, US congressman Gene Green has introduced the United States Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act that aims to improve local employment opportunities for American call centre workers. Specifically

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Telstra call centre accesses protected information

Two back of house call centres for Telstra accessed protected information due to system errors causing a breach reported to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission according to a report in The Australian authored by Supratim Adhikari. Telstra’s legacy systems