Acquire BPO CEO makes BRW Young Rich List

The CEO and co-owner of Acquire BPO, a majority Philippines based outsourcer servicing mostly Australian businesses is expected to be named on the 2016 BRW Young Rich list to be published this Friday in the Australian Financial Review Magazine.

Scott Stavretis has an estimated fortune of $46 million, not bad for someone who is 36 years old! Stavretis was always destined for big things though, starting his own internet service provider business when he was 16.

Acquire BPO, which was launched 10 years ago, now turns over more than $100 million annually with 80% of their revenue generated by providing call centre support for companies in Australia such as Flexigroup, Vocus Communications and Europcar. Stavretis now has his sights set on the US with his goal to earn as much revenue from the US market within 3 years.

“US companies are very comfortable with outsourcing any parts of their business, more so than they are here, and they are big businesses that will have multiple contracts out. So they tend to benchmark you against others that are doing work for them, so it is very competitive.”

Not content with one successful business though, Stavretis is at the helm of, or owns significant stakes in five technology-focused companies.



You can read more about Scott Stavretis in a recent article on the Australian Financial Review.

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