Reshoring call centres to Australia
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Reshoring call centres back to Australia

With COVID forcing changes in our industry at a rapid pace, companies are looking at reshoring call centre jobs back to Australia although based on recent movement in the BPO sector, the shift may have already been underway.

Tips for working from home post COVID in a call centre
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Working from Home Post COVID

Working from Home Post COVID is going to present a range of new challenges, especially for those working in contact centres as we reveal in this article.

How COVID-19 has impacted the Australian contact centre industry
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The impact of COVID19 on contact centres

The impact of COIVD-19 on Contact Centres in Australia has been quite dramatic to say the least – we take a look at what the new normal is and how to plan for it.

Is Artificial Intelligence really needed to improve the Customer Experience?
CX Executive Tips

Is Artificial Intelligence really needed for CX improvement?

Do you really need Artificial Intelligence for CX transformation? It seems to occupy every other article on customer experience and contact centres. I was reading one today and one quote said customers only ring their contact centre as a last

A guide to purchasing contact centre technology in Australia
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Purchasing contact centre technology

If you are looking at purchasing Contact Centre Technology for your call centre we’ve got a handy guide and some additional resources to make it that little bit easier.

CX Executive Tips

Customer Experience – a new world or a new word?

It seems every other organisation is now appointing a Customer Experience Manager or changing the name of the Customer Service Manager. Customer Experience is the new black! Over the last couple of years I have had the opportunity – through