Benefits of a Cloud-Based Contact Centre Environment 

7 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Contact Centre platform

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Contact Centre Technology

In a world forever changed by COVID-19, workers in all industries have been exploring ways to work from anywhere.

Empowering productivity outside the office goes beyond giving workers access to key systems; you must also consider security and the ability to deliver a consistent customer experience.

Ideally, your customers won’t know that your contact centre agents are working from anywhere.

If you moved fast to cope with COVID-19 disruptions, your current solution may not be the one that will deliver the maximum benefits to your organisation in the long term.

In the future of work, you’ll see a change in how teams are managed.

For example, you may see that more staff members are working from home at least some of the time, if not full-time.

If you don’t have the right systems in place to support this, your productivity, flexibility, and security could suffer.

Cloud-based contact centre environments can overcome this.

They’re flexible and agile, with security built in.

7 Benefits of a Cloud-Based Contact Centre Environment 

Here are seven of the key benefits you could achieve with a cloud-based contact centre environment:

1. Security

Contact centres usually have lots of highly valuable information including payment details and other personal data, making them attractive targets for cybercriminals.

So, it’s essential to make sure your contact centre is as difficult to hack as possible.

Cloud-based solutions that include built-in security features help you maintain data privacy, so you can comply with privacy regulations and deliver peace of mind to your customers.



2. Savings

Running a contact centre is expensive.

Cloud-based solutions are much cheaper because you don’t have to invest in infrastructure.

As long as team members have a laptop and an internet connection, they’re good to go.

3. Consistency

Your customers don’t want to know that contact centre agents are working from home.

They just want to know that their questions will be answered and their needs will be met.

That means your agents need seamless access to information as well as to knowledge bases, resources, colleagues, and coaches. Cloud-based systems create an ecosystem of resources that let your agents deliver a high-quality experience, every time.

4. Transparency

When your contact centre staff members are in the office, you can easily track who is being productive and who’s on a break, for example.

When they’re working from anywhere, you can’t necessarily see this information at a glance.

However, a powerful cloud-based system will include voice, text, and desktop analytics capabilities that deliver detailed insights into employee actions.

In turn, this can help identify areas where agents may benefit from more training, as well as highlight those employees who are performing to a high level.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), you can even measure employee performance in terms of the impact their customer-centric behaviours can have on customers.

5. Engagement

When employees are working from anywhere, they may not have instant access to coaching and feedback that can help deepen their engagement in the job.

AI-driven metrics can show exactly how agents are interacting with customers by measuring things like listening, empathy, and relationship-building.

Gamification can be added to help deepen their commitment to ongoing improvement.

And the same quality of coaching can be delivered to at-home or in-office employees.

6. Assistance

Digital twins are like virtual assistants, walking agents through customer interactions and guiding them on the next best action so they can deliver a strong customer experience right from the first day.

Digital twins can monitor employee desktop activity, automate mundane tasks, and participate in every key activity in the employee’s day.



7. Collaboration

The future of work will be characterised by increased collaboration, and not just among team members but also with customers.

As contact centres evolve to embrace increased collaboration, your business needs to get access to these new features without having to invest in expensive, monolithic, on-premise upgrades.

A cloud-based solution will ensure you’re always using the latest features and will make collaboration, communication and availability possible.

Where to from here?

Digital transformation is accelerating and your contact centre needs to be at the forefront of emerging technologies or risk not being competitive.

Key to this is being able to empower staff members to work from anywhere while delivering a secure, consistent, and high-quality experience for employees and customers alike.

This will be crucial as businesses strive to compete more effectively in a changed and evolving landscape.

It’s also essential to consider how to integrate new and emerging technologies, such as augmented and virtual reality, into the contact centre, with seamless compliance with industry regulation and best practice.

Cloud-based solutions provide the ideal answer for businesses looking to make their call centres more flexible and distributed, while improving the quality of the customer and employee experiences.

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