How to create a fun call centre

Tips on how to create a fun call centre

How to inject some fun into your call centre

For some unlucky people working the phones in a call centre can be a hard dreary job and the hours just seem to crawl along forever!

But you won’t hear that from team members who have an amazing Team Leader who comes up with lots of different ways to create an environment that makes every shift upbeat and fun.

Amazing Team Leaders know that keeping their team’s energy levels up throughout a shift is really important because when people are feeling energised and having fun, it comes through in their voices when speaking with prospects and existing customers.

This energy keeps everyone positive, which is infectious and usually translates into better performances and more sales.

8 activities to create a fun call centre

Here are 8 activities (most of which can still be used even if you’re managing remote teams) amazing Team Leaders use to create a fun and upbeat work shifts that keep team members pumped and motivated to do their best.

I’ve used these activities myself in call centres I’ve run or consulted with around the world over the past 34 years, and you’ll find them really simple to implement straight away.

1. Background Music to Pump The Room

Amazing team leaders get the energy flowing and their team pumping by playing upbeat music in the background that team members select themselves.

You can also add a little competition by having a DJ of the Day contest by having the team member who hit a specific performance target play their favourite songs for a shift.

2. Theme Days

Having theme days like Halloween, Race Days or even Mardi Gras where everyone decorates the call centre and dresses up for the shift and brings in food to share is really fun for the team.

And, there are plenty of other special days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day that can be celebrated and bring fun into the job too.

3. Team Games

Playing games like Telemarketing Poker and Pass the Package or quick ones like putting a golf ball to win a prize are always popular and can be specifically tied to achieving targets within a shift.

Need some ideas? Here are three games to boost call centre performance >

4. Recognition Certificates

Handing out certificates for achievements like Best Operator of the Month or Highest Producer of the Week or Most Improved are always welcome and appreciated by staff.

Certificates can be handed out during pre-shift meetings or huddles or during gatherings of the whole call centre team.

5. Scratch it Cards

To get team members really excited throughout the shift use scratch it cards as rewards for achieving specific targets like one scratch it for each sale or appointment.

I’ve seen one team member scratch off a thousand dollars once.

You can image how excited that got everyone!

6. Bring in food!

Everyone loves free food whether it is an ice-cream cart, bagels, pizza or whatever.

Tie in free pizza for the team achieving its weekly target and watch the team go for it.

And, the pizza always tastes better when it’s as a result of hitting a team goal!

7. Celebrate Milestones

Celebrate monthly birthdays for all team members whose birthday falls into the same month.

Simply, pick a day in the middle of the month; have some cake and have everyone sing happy birthday!

Amazing team leaders also celebrate team member’s work milestones and anniversaries and give them certificates to recognise these events and are specific and genuine with their praise.

8. Team Building Events

Although not done during shifts, have team building events outside of the call centre like a Trivial Pursuit Night at the pub.

Go-cart racing can be a lot of fun or simply have dinner together.

Aside from having fun outside of work together, events like these lets people get to know each other better and strengthen relationships within the team.

Wrap up

No doubt there are plenty of other activities you could introduce, and if you want more ideas on creating fun and upbeat shifts – simply ask your team members!

Most of the ideas require little to no money, so a lack of budget is no excuse for not having a fun call centre!

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