Call Centre Hold Music and IVR Recordings

image of Justin Tippett and Alan McGirvan with the title Message on Hold and IVR Recordings for Contact Centres

Call Centre Hold Music and IVR Recordings

Host of the CX Central Podcast Justin Tippett interviews the founder of McGirvanmedia Audio Solutions, Alan McGirvan, on a critical component of contact centre management that is often neglected – message on hold, IVR recordings and voice translations.

In many call centres, it seems to be a bit of a lottery as to who’s voice is used to record messages and the result is often poor.

Typically it’s someone that was either ‘strongly encouraged’ to do it or perhaps the local extrovert that was asked to record a few lines for the call recordings.

Of course, when customers contact the call centre every little detail matters and that extends to the IVR, the music you use on hold, and of course, the voice talent.

It’s all about being on-brand.

Think about this as an example, AAMI spend a fortune on advertising and driving a lot of traffic to their call centre.

Would it make sense if the voice they used in their call centre recordings, hold music etc was consistent with the advertising?

You bet!

But even in smaller call centres, having a consistent brand voice with copyright-free music can dramatically improve your customer experience.

As Alan explains in the podcast, it can also be a useful tool to help advise customers of alternatives to waiting (e.g the relevant section on the website) or to inform customers of other products and services you sell.

And technically, it’s easy to implement and it’s not as expensive as you may think!

Make sure you reach out to one of the industry suppliers of music on hold/messaging services to find out how simple and cost-effective it is!

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