The benefits of call centre scheduling for agents

How call centre scheduling can improve employee engagement

How call centre scheduling leads to a more engaged workforce

It’s really very simple-when those charged with providing a quality customer experience are happy, so are customers.

It shouldn’t be such a foreign concept that call centre scheduling leads to a happy workforce.

But it appears to be…

WFM planners are tasked with ensuring to schedule according to the needs of the centre, the anticipated call volume from customers and the availability of the agents.

Typically, this exact order is prioritised, leaving short taking into account the availability of the agents.

When we look at it logically, customers aren’t communicating with the managers or the support teams within a call centre, they’re communicating with the frontline staff.

Their satisfaction is a direct result of the service they receive.

Given the frontline staff help to ensure the satisfaction the customer has with the call and they impact the perception the customer has about the relationship with the company, it makes sense to schedule around the agent, not the customer.

This system works when we recognise the role that individuals play outside of their workplace, and when we do, they are more likely to go above and beyond the requirements of the job.

In her article ‘Why Respectful Call Centre Scheduling Improves Customer Satisfaction‘, Susan J. Campbell uses the example of one of the most celebrated holidays in America, Halloween.

As the manager of a retail store, she scheduled staff for that evening by who had children and who didn’t.

Those without families at home were scheduled to work, while those who did were able to take their children trick or treating.

In turn, those who worked the night of Halloween were afforded the choice of another holiday off.

Compromise goes an especially long way in regard to a happy workforce, and Campbell says “the happier the call centre agent, the happier the customer – which is only good for the bottom line.”

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