Call Centre hotel is open for business

Call centre hotel opens for business in Sydney

Call Centre hotel is was open for business

From the editor: Sadly on 25 November 2016 Customers1to1 CEO Barry Cottril announced the closure of Customers 1to1 after 17 years of operations.

You can read about it further in our article ‘Another Australian call centre closes‘.

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The emergence of a call centre hotel

Customers 1to1 CEO Barry Cottrill has seen a lot over this call centre career.

So its no surprise that he has developed a unique concept born out of some of the challenges he has faced over the years.

How many times have you needed to rapidly expand your call centre to cope with some unexpected volumes but just don’t have the space, or the time, to quickly get moving?

Well that’s where Barry’s Call Centre Hotel comes in!

Benefits of a call centre hotel 

The Contact Centre Hotel is a fully equipped facility offering seats on per-month basis.  Clients can lease between five and 200 seats as well as meeting rooms and other spaces. Each workstation is fully equipped with a computer, broadband network link and telecommunications services all supported through the state-of-the-art Genesys cloud-based contact centre technology platform.

“Many companies grow rapidly and find they need additional contact centre seats in impossibly short lead times to support their operations,” said Contact Centre Hotel Chief Executive, Barry Cottrill. “Our facility provides them with immediate access to this valuable resource.”

The facility will particularly appeal to organisations needing contact centre resources to support short-term campaigns or projects. Capacity can be leased for the length of the campaign and then simply relinquished at its completion.

Contact centre-as-a-service

Contact Centre Hotel changes the cost of operating a facility from a capex to an opex item. Rather than needing to invest significant up-front funds in office space, fits outs and technology, the resource can instead be rented and scaled to match demands.

“It’s a similar approach to that taken by public cloud computing providers,” said Cottrill. “Instead of the burden of building and operating a facility, companies can take a ‘contact-centre-as-a-service’ approach to fulfilling their requirements.”

How quickly can it be set up?

Cottrill said the centre-as-a-service concept removes the potential for delays which can jeopardise the success of short-term projects. “Setting up a contact centre from scratch is a complex and time-consuming task that can often take longer than planned,” he said. “The Contact Centre Hotel removes this uncertainty from the equation.”

You can literally be up in running in minutes!

Budget certainty

Leasing capacity on a per-seat basis ensures clients know up-front how much their contact centre resource will cost. Seats are leased on an agreed daily rate, inclusive of internet and telecommunications costs.

“Should extra capacity be required mid-way through a campaign or project, extra seats can be quickly added,” said Cottrill. “In an in-house contact centre, this would require an additional capital outlay and unexpectedly higher operating costs.”

Expanding an existing contact centre  

The Contact Centre Hotel also provides organisations with a simple way to extend the capacity of an existing centre. Should additional seats be required, they can be leased and linked directly to the back-end systems of the in-house facility.

“The Contact Centre Hotel becomes a natural extension of a client’s existing facility,” said Cottrill. “This approach can also be taken if the existing facility is out of action for a short period due to maintenance or upgrades.”

Maintaining business focus

The contact centre-as-a-service approach offered by the new facility also frees senior management from the time and responsibility of establishing a new centre. They can instead remain focused on their business and taking advantage of new opportunities.

“Building a new centre is a multi-million dollar commitment and, as such, requires significant senior management oversight,” said Cottrill. “Using an on-demand facility makes it a much less risky endeavour as capacity can simply be given up at the end of the agreed lease period.”

Industry-leading facility

The Contact Centre hotel is housed in dedicated facility owned by call centre operator Customers 1to1 in St Leonards, Sydney. Staff can enjoy a pleasant office environment with access to meeting rooms, lunch areas and car parking.

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