Triple Zero Heroes who work in the call centre
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Triple Zero Heroes

Every day, over 7,000 Victorians have to make a phone call to the Triple Zero contact centre and in this article, we get to meet some of the people who answer the calls – real-life Triple Zero Heroes!

ASTIA upgrade to larger premises to accomodate growth
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ASTIA upgrade to new and improved office

Less than a year after the official launch, ASTIA Customer Engagement Centre in Sydney has upgraded to a new and improved office space to accomodate additional clients and allow for further growth.

Silver Top Taxis open call centre in South Africa
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Silver Top Taxis call centre opens in South Africa

A Silver Top Taxis call centre is opening in South Africa at the expense of local call centre jobs in Australia. With the Taxi industry under siege by ride sharing apps, moving some call centre functions offshore will save costs in the short term, but will this strategy hurt in the long term?