ANZ invest in Melbourne call centre

ANZ invest in Melbourne call centre

In a story published on SMH its been claimed that ANZ has received a $50m boost in revenue by changing the furniture in its 1,400 seat call centre based in South Melbourne.

The article (and ANZ) have linked the improvement to higher staff engagement as “they’ve got more control of their surroundings”.

Call me a little sceptical, but its hard to believe that some new furniture alone has lead to this.

I suspect that the higher staff engagement would be a combination of a lot of factors, including the fact that ANZ has recognised and invested in their local onshore contact centres giving the staff a higher sense of security in light of lots of roles being shifted off-shore.

Either way, its great news that ANZ decided to invest in their Melbourne call centre!  And its yet another piece of evidence that suggests the higher staff engagement leads to a better customer experience so keep investing in ways to engage your staff!

ANZ gets $50m boost from new furniture

This could be the excuse you’ve always wanted to rearrange your office.

ANZ says it boosted revenue by almost $50 million just by changing the furniture at its 1400-desk call centre in South Melbourne.

The bank’s Playbox project, which it started trailing 18 months ago, gives different business units furniture designed especially for its use.

Walls double as whiteboards at the call centre, and furniture can easily be moved around by one or two people.

This meant being able to hold briefings near workers’ desks to reinforce training and creating impromptu meeting spaces, ANZ has told the Australian Financial Review.

Productivity increased over a five-month period thanks to the new office equipment, with repeat calls cuts by 2 per cent, 500 more calls being taken a day, and calls transferred to other operators for resolution falling 10 per cent.

The net promoter score rose 13 per cent. Every percentage point increase is worth about $3.7 million in revenue, meaning the project has had a $48.1 million pay off.

“Engagement goes through the roof because people feel they’re more in control,” ANZ’s property general manager Kate Langan said.

The ability to hold meetings on the floor, rather than calling staff into separate rooms behind closed doors made for conversations that were less interrupted by people coming and going and in which staff felt more comfortable giving feedback, says Jasmine McPhee, the call centre’s business performance manager.

It also permits staff to be briefed more quickly on responding to issues generating sudden surges in calls, such as a system failure or news event.

“It’s a much faster response to the customer,” McPhee says.

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