Free Access to livepro to support COVID 19

free access to livepro to help manage through the COVID19 crisis

Free Access to livepro for all non-customer service staff to ease the burden during COVID-19 pandemic. 

livepro has helped customers maintain their high standards of customer service through cyclones, floods, fires and now are here to help our clients through the many unpredictable challenges that are being presented by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

livepro has been designed with the flexibility to scale with your business’s needs.

Many organisations are now asking staff to work from home to help with social distancing, bringing on temporary staff and pulling in teams from all other departments to help ease the burden that most contact centres are now facing.

In times of crisis like this – livepro want each of our clients to know that we are thinking of you and ways that we can help you to help your customers.

  • As of this week, we will be providing free access to livepro for all non-customer service staff through our Open Access product for the next 3 months. (
    • This means that all teams outside of customer service can have access to knowledge within your livepro system to assist with the increased demand placed on your contact centres and customer service staff or just simply to have access to all of the process and policy knowledge in the system
    • Open Access will allow for quick and easy answers to be distributed to any Department within your whole organisation with very minimal training
    • Setup is easy, just get in touch with any member of the team and we will have it up and running in just a few hours
  • To assist with those working in remote locations or away from their usual office space, we would also like to remind all our clients that a mobile version of any livepro site is available to users by simply adding /inline to the end of your livepro URL on any mobile device. For example:

For non-customers looking to ensure they maintain governance and visibility of their customer service no matter where the service is provided, livepro will provide assistance to get up and running in weeks so that you can answer your customers no matter what challenges confront you.


About livepro

livepro are experts in Customer Experience Knowledge Management and have provided their feature-rich yet easy to use solution to customer service in all major industries since 2001.

livepro focuses on delivering answers to agents – not long complex documents. This is made possible by livepro’s powerful features like search and easy to follow process guidance. livepro requires next to no training and turns your agents into experts meaning staff confidence and customer satisfaction go up while AHT and training costs are cut down.

As the one central source of truth, livepro delivers knowledge to any digital channel through a simple API – meaning the same information is being accessed no matter where the question is asked.

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