Team Leader Coaching Fundamentals

Contact Centre Team Leader Coaching Fundamentals Tips

Contact Centre Team Leader Coaching Fundamentals

Most contact centre Team Leaders understand they need to coach their teams regularly to consistently achieve team goals and KPIs.

The challenge for many, however, especially new Team Leaders, is they’ve had limited experience coaching and little to no training in how to coach.

They certainly want to coach their teams, but as they think about getting started many quietly ask themselves: What is coaching exactly, and how do I do it?

Outlined below are 4 key Team Leader coaching fundamentals you need to understand and implement to become effective coaches and amazing leaders!

4 Key Contact Centre Team Leader Coaching Fundamentals

Fundamental 1: Building Strong Relationships

Certainly, the first fundamental of effective coaching is developing our people.

We certainly have to be good at that and we do this by sharing our skills and sharing our expertise.

However, aside from having good technique and loads of experience to be an amazing coach, you have to be good at building relationships with your team members so they are comfortable coming to you.

Over 75% of the time, the person you’re coaching already knows (or think they know) where they need help.

So, if you can build relationships where team members have no fear about raising their hand to say:

I need help with my closing skills.

I’m having a real problem handling objections.

I need to learn product knowledge a little bit better.

I need to understand what’s expected of me.

That would be the ideal situation rather than always seeking them out, wouldn’t it?

Because when they come to you, you know they are really committed, ready to listen, and open to trying something new.

To build good relationships, always remember to adjust your style to each person’s needs.

What works for one team member could be the totally wrong approach for another.



Fundamental 2: Providing Clear Direction

The next contact centre Team Leader Coaching Fundamental is providing clear direction.

Team Leaders need to let their team members know exactly what’s expected of them, where the team is headed and what’s going to be happening and how they can contribute.

This means Team Leaders need to be prepared and very clear with everyone on their team about the results they expect from them and when they expect them to deliver these results.

Most team members are truly interested to know all of these things – it matters to them and critical in clarifying expectations and directions.

Fundamental 3: Providing Corrective and Nurturing Feedback

Team Leaders have a responsibility to regularly give their team members constructive, honest and helpful feedback.

Team members need to know how they are doing, where they are going and if they are contributing to the overall team goal.

A big part of this is choosing to provide encouraging feedback over criticism.

When you must criticise, give feedback as soon after the event as possible. Be honest but compassionate, and then move on.



Fundamental 4: Expecting Results

Whether in business or sport… all coaches want results, they want to win and they want those they coach to win and they want the team to win, too.

So, have high expectations and believe in your team.

Don’t ignore or sideline under performers — your team is only as good as your weakest team member.

Instead, help them improve by making progress tangible, setting clear goals and milestones, and celebrating achievements when goals and KPIs are reached.

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