Abandoned Calls

Abandoned Calls is typically referred to as the number of customers that got sick of waiting to be serviced and disconnected before being connected with an agent.

Normally the time counter for abandoned calls doesn’t start until the call is actually placed in the queue.

So if a customer disconnects in the IVR stage, for example, it may not count in your abandoned call statistics.

Types of Abandoned Calls

With abandoned calls, there are a few different interpretations:

Abandoned Pre 

One thing you can’t account for is customers making mistakes.

So if customers are accidentally ringing your call centre (by dialling the wrong number), when they call is answered and the greeting is not what the expected what do they do?

They hang up of course.

But it would be unfair for you to be penalised for this wouldn’t it?

The abandoned calls pre and post threshold is used help in this situation.

This metric is typically used to eliminate wrong numbers so it removes any calls that are abandoned prior to a customisable time threshold (typically between 5 and 20 seconds)

Post threshold

In your ACD there is a setting for you to set the default threshold that allows for the above scenario when customers hang up.

By default, it’s normally set to 10 seconds.

Abandoned calls post threshold are calls that disconnected after the 10 seconds has elapsed.

Abandoned in IVR

Abandoned in IVR are calls that disconnect before even going into a queue.

This may not be a bad thing though as the customer may have got the information they required from the IVR interaction.

This is especially true if you are using messaging to provide customers with information relative to their call.

For example, in an energy call centre when there is a power outage in an area they can expect a lot of calls from customers wanting to either report it or understand when their power will be restored.

By using a recording message like “If you are calling to report a power outage in Hughesdale we are aware of the issue and our crews have advised power will be restored by 2pm” most callers will have received the information they needed and will disconnect at the end of the message.

Without needing to speak to an agent.

As I mentioned, in this instance – it’s a good thing.

How to fix abandoned calls?

Having high abandoned calls can be the result of many combinations but here are some quick tips to get you started:

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