Advanced Mobile Location

Advanced Mobile Location or (AML) is a technology provided by telephone network providers to enable businesses to use location-based data of your mobile to identify your exact location.

Depending on what you get up to in life, Advanced Mobile Location (or AML for short) could be your best friend or your worst nightmare…

AML is a solution that provides location-based data using your mobile phone to an accuracy of within 5 metres and is currently used a number of countries including New Zealand.

Australia is believed to be testing the AML technology but as yet, it is not available to the Triple Zero service.

What scenario is AML good for?

The best example is an emergency services situation where the AML technology can literally be a matter of life and death.  AML enables emergency services to be dispatched immediately to your location without a word even being spoken.

Given the information, there are some very stringent privacy safeguards built into the technology ensuring only those with the proper access are able to access it.

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