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A call centre home agent is a remote worker who can log into the call centre queue to either take or make customer phone calls just like being at a physical workstation.

With the introduction of Cloud Solutions, it is now quite easy (from a technology perspective) to have work from home agents still be connected to your call queues, systems etc so they have exactly the same access to systems, calls etc as sitting in the office.

In fact, you can still record calls, providing coaching share screens and even ‘whisper’ advice to a call centre agent while they are on a phone call to a customer.

So a call centre home agent model is all good right?

Remote working as a home agent provides a number of advantages for contact centres yet as you could imagine, it also comes with a range of challenges… These articles below will help you learn more about the call centre home agent:

Are home agents more productive?

According to a survey by Flexjobs, the following are reasons home agents say they’re more productive:

  • Fewer interruptions from colleagues (76 per cent)
  • Fewer distractions (74 per cent)
  • Minimal office politics (71 per cent)
  • Reduced stress from commuting (68 per cent)
  • More comfortable office environment (65 per cent)

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