Maximum Wait Time

The Maximum Wait Time is the longest time a customer had to wait to be connected to a call centre agent over a defined period of time.

Maximum Wait Time could be measured over an hour, a day, a month, a year or all time.

As a call centre manager, think of it like your weight – consistently large numbers will eventually result in your termination!

Why is Maximum Wait Time important?

When you are dealing with thousands of callers a day, it’s easy to get caught up in averages when reviewing performance.

But Maximum Wait Time is an absolute.

It makes it real. It’s the longest time one customer had to wait in a queue to speak to one of your agents.

How can you manage Maximum Wait Time?

There are lots of tools available to a call centre manager to reduce a big scary Maximum Wait Time number. These include:

  • Using Intelligent CallBack or Automatic Call Back technology
  • Directed calls to voicemail at a certain threshold
  • Having strategies in place when wait times hit a certain threshold that additional resources are activated (e.g overflow groups to help with an unexpected spike in call volumes.



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