The PABX (or Private Automatic Branch Exchange) or PBX is the brain of the call centre technology enabling you to handle thousands of telephone lines, and reroute the incoming calls to the appropriate extension automatically or through an operator, hold calls in queues etc.

Traditionally you couldn’t run a call centre without a PABX.

And they were expensive.

Servers, interface cards, leads, adapters, installation CDs, expensive calls and an IT department to run them.

However, with the progress of cloud technology and the Internet of Things, it won’t be long before the only place you will find a PABX is in a museum.

The modern PABX for call centres

A hosted PABX uses VoIP and makes accessing powerful call centre software easy along with access to cheap call costs making it a game changer for most call centres.

Learn more about the benefits of a hosted PBX.

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