Process Optimisation

It reminds me a bit of the line from Predator ” “If it bleeds we can kill it””.

Well if you have a process invariably you can improve on it!

Hell, people have made a career out of it!

When looking at ways to drive more efficiency, increase sales, reduce talk time etc the first thing you look at is the PROCESS.

You’’d be surprised though on how many contact centres do not have all their processes documented….

So if you want to invest your time and money in improving your processes, start by making sure every step of the process is documented.

And, I’m just putting this out there as a crazy idea, talk to the staff on the phone who will most likely identify about 10 process improvements in a nanosecond!

How do you actually ‘do’ process optimisation?

There are a lot of different methodologies in business used to manage the process optimisation process. These include:

The other option is to engage a consultant – there are lots of specialist consultants in call centres all with varying levels of experience.

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