Scheduled Callback

Similar to Automatic Callback and Intelligent Callback, a Scheduled Callback enables the customer to determine when they would like to receive a callback if your call centre is busy.

What are the options with Scheduled Callback?

Typically your call centre ACD system will enable you to determine the choices you offer customers.

Scheduled Callback choices typically include:

    • As soon as the next agent is available
    • Today PM
    • Tomorrow AM
    • Specific time intervals e.g. between 3.00pm and 3.30, 3.30 and 4.00pm or between 4.oopm and 5.00pm.

How does Scheduled Callback work?

Like other callback options, you can determine when to activate it.

Typically this is done when the call centre wait times exceed pre-defined thresholds (e.g. 10 minutes).

The Scheduled Callback technology will then auto dial the customer (as an outbound call) at the requested time window subject to agent availability.

Again, you can configure the system with the priorities given to making scheduled calls versus handling incoming calls based on the available staff.

Like all callback modes, the best thing you can do it avoid hitting those callback thresholds!

Using an Erlang C Calculator you can determine exactly how many call centre staff you need on the phones to answer the forecasted volumes.

Next steps

If you’d like to find suppliers of Scheduled Callback technology or need a hand implementing or optimising an existing setup, you’ll find great suppliers in our Business Directory.


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