Screen Pop

Screen pop describes the ability for specific customer information to be presented on a call centre agents desktop at the same time as (or just before) a call to improve the customer experience.

What are the benefits of Screen Pop?

Screen Pop enables the agent to have some fairly useful information such as the customer’s name, address, previous orders, current open enquiries etc appear on the screen as the call is presented.

This can help:

  • Improve the customer experience” as agents can use personalised information immediately.
  • Increase efficiency as agents don’t need to go ‘hunting’ to find all the information about a customer.

How does Screen Pop technology work?

Screen Pop technology relies on CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) which essentially links a phone number to your CRM or back-end systems where your customer information is stored.

Of course, the limitations are typically contained to what customer information is available in your CRM.

If all you store is a customers name and phone number, at best all Screen Pop can do it present the customer’s name to the agent.

If you are running a full omnichannel model and you capture every interaction with the customer across all channels then you can pretty much display whatever information you feel is important to help the call centre agent deliver a great customer experience.

Next steps

If you’d like to find suppliers of Screen Pop technology you can search our Business Directory or try our free CX Connect Service and we’ll present you with a shortlist of suitable suppliers saving you time, money and stress.


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